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>> tonight, maryland braces for high winds, surf and rain. >> all eyes on hurricane earl. ocean city leaders have already ordered swimmers out of the water. a live look at the beach tonight. the storm wip whipping up waves. in a matter of hours before moving up the atlantic seaboard. wjz has extensive first warning weather coverage. bob turk and meteorologist tim williams are tracking the path. while adal may and bob turk are closely watching the path across the city and across the state we begin with the first warning weather team. already, some rain showers just offshore. not much. most of the activity, still around cape hatteras. winds around. you see the perfect circulation around this area. light rain, starting well off the coastal area. it's well off to the north take a look at the track.
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it has been downgraded to a strong category 2. or weak category 3 now. it's heading off to the north around 18 miles an hour. and in that track will eventually turn into a category 2. or weeker. late tonight into tomorrow afternoon, it starts moving rapidly. you can see the storm as it approaches our region from the south and southwest. it's a category 2. that means that we definitely expect some, perhaps tropical storm force winds in ocean city area. and that's why they have hurricane watches in effect. for our region, we have a coastal flood advisory. 1 to 3 foot above normal tides
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tonight into early tomorrow morning continues to about 6:00 a.m. friday. >> this storm is definitely going to zoom on by us. but passing by close to 150 miles offshore. winds are still a factor here. let's talk about them. southerly winds, as the storm starts to approach the mouth of the bay. the counter clockwise rotation will push as far up into northern baltimore county. the storm is going to generate tides, maybe 1 to 3 feet above average. the coastal flood advisories are in effect only until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and it was pushed into the bay. eventually gets pushed out of the bay. starts to pull it out again. again, until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the coastal flood advisories are in effect. as far as the plot of this storm, all of the models keeping it well offshore. but again, tropical storm force winds, extend 205 miles out
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from the center of the storm. hurricane force winds extend about 70. even with the passing out that far, we're still going to see the impact along the shore. first warning weather coverage continues with adam may, who is live in ocean city. where emergency plans are already under way. >> waters are very rough denise. we can tell you, a lot of businesses already taking precautions. we're here at the dune hotel. let me show you. this is a little unusual. some people who have been through these storms before say they are not taking any chances. >> reporter: as hurricane earl continues moving north, the waters are now officially closed to swimmers, as of 1:00 this afternoon. >> it's bad. >> reporter: but some wade out into the water anyway. even though last weekend,
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hurricane danielle caused strong rip currents. and more than 500 people had to be rescued from the waters. one died. >> we're not going out far. obviously. my girlfriend -- my fiancee, i should say, she had to get rescued by the lifeguard earlier this week. >> reporter: really? what happened? >> the tide just kept taking her out. >> reporter: even though hurricane earl is expected to stay about 150 miles offshore, emergency management officials here in ocean city are still bracing for tropical storm force winds of up to 55 miles per hour, gusting at times. >> we're starting to see some of the effects of the surf. we'll start to see more of the effects after 2:00 a.m. this morning. >> reporter: as the beach patrol monitors the water, some residents are bracing for potential property damage. >> we're worried about condos. >> i'm more worried. >> reporter: for workers in this resort, labor day weekend is a big source of their income. >> huge. huge. huge amount. >> reporter: those that are planning to come to ocean city,
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they just monitor that a little bit. should be smooth sailing for the beach. some of the big storms that have hit ocean city, the waves have crashed over the dunes. also, a lot of people have been asking, why are surfers allowed in the water, while sim swimmers are not? we'll talk to some of those surfers and have an answer for you. we're live in ocean city. >> first warning weather coverage continues now with alex demetrick, live at the inner harbor. tracking how state leaders are preparing to respond. no matter what it's distance, immediate medicine's emergency management are not taking any chances with hurricane earlg. >> reporter: the communication links are up. maryland's command center has been gearing up since sunday. early planners are part of the first wave of state and private agencies, which will respond. leflt 3 will bring all of the
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state's players together. >> they will give a detailed briefing. >> reporter: the latest storm track would indicate that earl is headed further out to sea and away from ocean city. >> that is critical for bay communities like hoopers island, which was devastated seven years ago, when isabel sent a massive storm surge up the chesapeake. >> when they started coming in, it was a surge. i mean, i've never seen it come that fast. >> if the hurricane comes near us, it picks up speed. and the thought is, when they pick that up, it will draw back down the bay. we're not looking at too much surge. >> reporter: the same outlook holds for baltimore community. even so, the surge is up and running. and even if airline's track stays favorable. hurricane season is just beginning. >> it is not all there is out there, quite frankly. there is gaston and fiona and
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additional storms brewing. >> reporter: and preparations ongoing. >> reporter: well, maryland's emergency managers do plan to keep a close eye on the spots. could see water around 1 to 3 feet. and we invite you to stay with wjz for are the latest on hurricane earl. wjz is always on. to track the storm get forecast updates and to see live doppler radar any time, go to there is new information tonight about the man who took three hostages inside. a tense, four-hour standoff ended with police shot and killed the gunman. derek valcourt explains, the suspect has a history of protesting at the discovery channels. >> reporter: within the last hour, police have released new details, saying the gun that the suspect was waving around and threatening everyone with was not a real gun at all, but instead a starter pistol. they said they did not know that at the time. but they said the explosive he had strapped to himself and was
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carrying in his bag were real and could have been deadly to those hostages. >> for years, james lee argued the discovery channel needed to change its tune in order to save the earth. but on wednesday, his protests took a violent turn. as the company entered the headquarters with home made bombs strapped to his body. and armed with what police now say is a starter pistol. he took two employees and a security guard hostage. >> forfor the next four hours, we are on the phone with this guy, negotiating with him. >> reporter: thomas major tells wjz, negotiations were not going well as s.w.a.t. teams moved in. >> his attention was diverted from talking to us on the phone toward the hostages. he shouted. the officers heard a pop. and whether that was him firing off his weapon again or whether it was him trying to detonate one of the devices on his person, i don't know yet. but with that sound, folks came out.
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confronted him. he turned toward them and had the gun out. and that's when they shot and killed him. >> reporter: on his website, lee rails against the discovery channel for promoting what he calls humanity's overpopulation of the earth. among these demand, the discovery channel come up with programs to encourage human sterilization and infertility. and programs to correct and dismantle the u.s. economy. >> it's a blessing. >> reporter: james farrell met lee in 2008, around the time lee was arrested for throwing large amounts of cash into the air during one of his protests. >> he kept saying, well, the money didn't matter. >> it took a bomb squad to safely explode the devices lee had attached to himself. >> reporter: in addition to the four explosive devices that lee took over to the discovery channel building, police say they also found and detonated another four explosive devices at lee's home. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> it was a very potentially
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dangerous situation. lee's body was taken to the medical examiner's office here in baltimore for an autopsy. the results of that examination are not yet available. an 18-year-old baltimore county native has died at college. mary is in the newsroom with the story. well, denise, a spokesperson says katie carnes carnes collapsed suddenly while playing volleyball. she was pronounced dead at the medical center. she was an avid horse back rider. there's no word on what caused her death. denise, back to you. >> mount st. mary's held a prayer service and memorial mass on campus this morning. the school is also providing counseling for students. new details tonight about the 18-count indictment against ulysses curry. he faces a number of charges including bribery and extortion. >> reporter: state senator
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ulysses currie's position is temporarily filled by another lawmaker tonight. this after a federal grand jury indicted him on 18 charges. which included bribery, extortion and making false statements to the fbi. prosecutors say currie was on the food chain's payroll. and used his position to help the store's fans. currie is with the state legislature. >> obviously, a guy well liked within the legislature. a bridge builder, a compromiser. and now, he seems ready to be brought down. if he is actually convicted on these charges. >> reporter: according to court documents, currie began receiving payments from the food chain in 2003. then in december 2007, those payments justed to more than $en,000. $7,000. goes with the indictment. just go down the list of things he did that he did not report
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on any of his financial disclosure forms. >> but his attorney says this case is highly unusual among federal bribery cases in the u.s. therethere was no cash payments on the table. and no hush-hush deals. instead, currie signed a contract with them. and that was reviewed by shoppers and renewed twice. mike miller says he's sadden saddened by the indictment and believes currie will be expecterated. exonerated. his attorney says, the charges are unfounded and he will plead not guilty to the charges. simply put, he has committed no crime. >> reporter: and the fbi searched curri e's home in 2008. they have looked at a list of
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accomplishments that helped the food chain grow. >> currie has been under investigation for the last two years. another explosion on a petroleum platform. right now, there is concern over oil leaking from the rig. kai is in the newsroom. >> reporter: firefighters are battling the flame from the offshore blast. here's a look at newly released photos from the scene. the coast guard is now saying there is no immediate sign of a spill. it happened west of the site of the april explosion on the deep water horizon rig. the government is ready to respond to any reports of pollution. all 13 people on board the rig are accounted for, with only one injury. >> the platform is owned by mariner energy of houston, texas. still to come. no cigarettes allowed. a popular maryland destination could be next to ban smoking. a woman raped and nearly killed. now she's fighting to keep her attacker behind bars. tonight, a critical condition
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in her case. it's already time to vote. for the first time, marylanders can vote early. we'll explain how. and a live look at ocean city, maryland. swimmers as hurricane earl churns the atlantic. we're tracking it all in first warning weather coming up.
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[ male announcer ] the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches! like the new double bacon & cheese omelet sandwich! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway! a woman who was raped and nearly died as a child, fights to keep the man who attacked her behind barbs. now, suzanne collins reports,
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the victim. remembering what happened to her at age 9, still brings charity shenkle to tears. >> he kidnapped me. he abducted me from my home, from my driveway. he sexually assaulted me. >> reporter: it was 1980. and she had just gotten off the school bus in allegheny county, when john leroy crul put her in a choke hold and dragged her to his car. she was sexually assaulted with a sharp object that was later found in his trunk. the injuries almost killedder had. killedher. the state secretary said that carl was fixated on blood. >> he touched it and held it up. and he appeared fascinated by it. >> reporter: charity call -- crul's sixth child victim, was astonished to find out he might get out early. he was able to show that he had
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sexually assaulted her just over the line, but he got convict maryland immediate. she worked with a state attorney. >> i have been able to pass bills that are retroactive that deal with sex offenders. but this one went too far back. >> reporter: but tonight, we have learned that charity has succeeded in her mission to keep kroll behind bars. >> i am so glad that pennsylvania decided to take action. >> reporter: if kroll is released in maryland, he will immediately be taken to pennsylvania to face new charges. suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> and a maryland appeals court also dealt kroll another legal setback in june. a first for maryland residents. this year, can you cast your -- you can cast your vote without all the headaches. >> reporter: the primary is september 14th. but you can avoid the lines and the wait because early voting starts tomorrow. >> reporter: nothing like being ahead of the crowd. that sentiment will now apply
6:19 pm
to voting in maryland. and early voting is nonpartisan. both republicans and democrats endorse the idea. in fact, both parties came together for a joint press conference to get the word out. >> early voting actually is designed to accommodate everyone so that no one can say, well, i couldn't get to the polls. there will be six days of early voting for the primary. and there will be six days of early voting for the general. >> if the leaders of our parties will work with the state board of elections, however we can, to ensure that early voting is safe and secure and that every vote will be counted. >> reporter: early voting in maryland starts 10:00 a.m., friday, september 3rd. each jurisdiction will have one to five locations. a total of 46 early voting sites statewide. there will be five locations each in baltimore city and county. anne arundel, prince george's, and montgomery county. three locations in howard county. >> it's good for democracy. the more people that vote, the
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happier we'll be. we want more people voting in every election. >> and in this way, i think it's going to happen. >> reporter: again, early voting for the primary starts tomorrow, september 3rd, through september 9th. excluding sundays. general election dates are through october 28th. also excluding those sundays. you gotta rest one day. >> and of course, this doesn't mean early and often. >> correct. just once. authorize a change in the constitution to allow early voting. all right. we're watching earl. >> yes, we are. >> conditions around here. another very warm afternoon. got up to 92. now, 88. winds south/southeast. barometer starting to fall. come back and take a look at our friday and labor day weekend forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,
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waves crashing. going to be beach erosion. obviously coastal flooding down there as well. take a look at radar. you can see down to the south. the core of the storm, still
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well southeast of cape hatteras area. rain bands now moving along. slowly moving toward our general southeastern sections of the maryland region. probably getting to norfolk later tonight. ocean city, probably in the morning. and moving off to the north and northeast. 88 in baltimore. and that ties the record number of days we've had over 90. 54 days. if we go to 90 tomorrow, that will break the all-time record of 90-plus days back in 1988. 82 in oakland. 97 in cumberland. they got to 102 this afternoon, believe it or not. ocean city, down with the winds off the oceans there at 72 degrees. winds coming in now off the southeast. pushing some of that water up the bay. high tide tonight. some areas on the western shore
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as much those tides can be one to three feet above normal and tomorrow, the water goes back it's not going to be a long thing. you could see some of that coastal flooding later this evening. cold front we have been telling you about, that's where the cooler, dry air is. that's going to move in here for the weekend. it looks absolutely spectacular for all of labor day weekend, all across the region. ocean city, included. 5:00, winds are down to 115. category 3. barometer has been rising. storm will continue to shift off to the east rapidly. in fact, by saturday morning, all the way up to like southern maine. and it accelerates and weakens as it getting up. a little closer, you can see by
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tomorrow afternoon. noon and 2:00. it should be off our coast. and then things are quieting down as it quickly moves off. closer flood advisory until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. once again, the spaghetti plot showing the storm accelerating then moving quickly out of the east and northeast region. cool front comes through. pushes earl away. nice weather for saturday, sunday and monday. even into next week. with temperatures picking up just a bit by the middle of next week. north winds on the bay. tonight, a few clouds coming in here. tomorrow, back up. again, probably 90 degrees or more in the afternoon. and that will break the record. >> another night -- >> amazing stuff. >> wow. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. risky danger at the site of a gulf oil spill. hush money. the man who blackmailed david
6:27 pm
letterman, back in the headlines. what joe halderman is doing today. hurricane earl, getting closer and closer to ocean city. i'm adam may. swimmers, evacuated from the water. but surfers were allowed to stay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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right now, just a few seconds away from 6:30. 88 degrees and mostly cloudy. good evening, everyone. and thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. maryland on high alert, as hurricane earl moves closer. strong winds have already reached north carolina. and the hurricane warning has been issued for the tip of massachusetts, forcing thousands to pack up and leave. wjz continues to monitor the storm with extensive first warning coverage. manuel gallegus has the latest from north carolina. and adam may is following the preparations in ocean city. let's go to tim and bob for a better idea of where earl is headed tonight. bob? >> let's take a look at radar. the rain band, moving in that general direction. you see the spin, the circulation, around the storm. that will continue, of course, as it moves generally off to the north. and then quickly off to the north and northeast. take a look at the track once
6:31 pm
again. you can see it on the radar. but a better view of it. it will be weakening to a category 2, when it's off of ocean city. and then a 1 and eventually a low pressure by the time it gets up into the very chilly waters off of massachusetts and off of eastern canada. right now, the winds still at 115. but did drop down. tim has a look at the current watches and advisory for our region. >> watches and advisories are in effect to cover the extent of this wind. while the storm is passing about 150 miles offshore. the hurricane force winds extend. extend outward to about 105 miles an hour. what you see there, murn watch -- hurricane watch, meaning the conditions are possible from delaware to the tip of virginia there. 1- to 3-foot higher than average tide could be possible, just until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that is when the advisory will be lifted. we'll talk about more of this
6:32 pm
in your complete updated five- day forecast coming up in a few moments. back inside. >> first warning weather coverage continues with adam may, live in ocean city, with big precautions already in effect there. adam? >> reporter: certainly, a lot of precautions now, denise. a lot of the businesses have packed up their outdoor belongings. also, at 1:00 this afternoon, the beach patrol ordered all swimmers out of the water. but if you look back here right now, you might see there are still people in the water. those are surfers. the beach patrol says it is safe for surfers right now. and here's why. >> that's what we wait for. >> this morning, it was a little overhead. and kind of dumpy over here. so kind of waiting for the tide to fill in. and we're trying it again now. >> it's fast.
6:33 pm
>> experienced watermen. they use the rip currents to help them get out through the waves. >> usually with hurricanes, you will have lulls. and you've had a lot durg that time. these guys just got out of the water. want to ask them real quick. what are the conditions like when you get out there? >> right now, the waves are a little overhead. maybe overhead and half, which is about 12 feet. and really bad rip tide. >> strong? >> really strong riptide. >> what was it like when you were in the water? not on top of the board? >> i mean, it's got power to it. holds you down. there's some definite rifts. >> what would you say to a person who wants wants to swim in this and doesn't have a board. >> you have to have a flotation device of some sort. a board, fins on your feet, some type of flotation device.
6:34 pm
when you're down, neck deep, that's when you get carried off. >> be safe, have fun. that's the latest from identification city. we'll have the latest coming up. >> and officials also evacuated the campground this afternoon. and ordered visitors offer the beach tonight. before earl reaches maryland, it is going to clip the outer banks of north carolina tonight. and many have already cleared out of its way. manuel gallegus reports for wjz from kill devil hills with the latest. >> hurricane earl is already kicking up its banks. >> what was the turning point for you? >> when i saw the news and they told me i had to leave. >> reporter: with a hurricane warning up and down the coast, three issued evacuation orders for all visitors. >> we're getting out of here. and kind of glad that it's in
6:35 pm
stages. >> but plenty of residents are staying. paul adams was painting a sign on his boarded-up shop before the weather turned bad. >> i'm not sure how this will turn out. but i'm willing to see. >> even with the center of earl miles east of here. waves will swirl as high as 18 feet. heavy rain will kick in. and hurricane force winds will be strong enough to do some damage. >> reporter: north carolina's governor says her state is ready. but coastal residents need to take precautions. >> the problems for some people isn't the immediate incident. it's the eight or 12 hours afterwards when you're in trouble. and you can't get help. >> reporter: the powerful storm is forecast to hug the coast as it moves north. a hurricane warning is now in effect for the tip of massachusetts, including nantucket. >> we'll issue inland and heading south. >> local officials want residents and visitors to prepare for the worst. this is the first time the northeast has faced a major hurricane in nearly two decades. in kill devil hills, north
6:36 pm
carolina, manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. now, earl could pass within 30 miles to get forecast updates and live doppler radar any time, go to bw's. >> reporter: engineers do not expect crude to begin leaking. but they are not expecting the leaking. they took the cap off to take out the failed preventer. they will try to figure out what led to the oil spill in april. the government is still ordering bp to do a bottom kill operation to seal the well for good, deep underground. vic, back to you.
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>> right now, oil collection vessels are on standby just in case. the men who tried to blackmail david letterman is out of jail tonight. joe halderman was released. he got off time for good behavior. halderman still needs to complete 1,000 hours of community service. his lawyer says he's now looking for a job. smokers may no longer be welcome on maryland's most popular beaches. the ocean city town council will consider a ban this fall. a resident brought the issue to town council, saying smoking compromises the resort's family- friendly image. many oppose the idea because they believe it will hurt their revenues. time. time now for a look at what to look for in the baltimore sun. a controversial decision to change hot dog bans.
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a look at the week's new movies. for these stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. kicked out of a cockpit. why a pilot was pulled off of an international fight. the biggest traffic headache in the world. where drivers are coping with a 75-mile backup. i'm bob turk. in the first warning weather center. great report for labor day. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and here are the stories on at this hour. for updatted -- updated news, log onto wjz.c.c,, why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains
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and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve.
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the peace talks between palestinians and israel. it is the first time for talks between abbas and netanyahu. they hope to create two separate states. they have agreed to meet again in the middle east. but they are still far apart on the issue. take a look at this. offensive lineman, josh koppel was riding his motorcycle when a pickup truck turns in front
6:42 pm
of him. he smashes into the front of the truck. but incredibly, he did not suffer any serious injuries. the truck driver was cited for failure to yield. american airlines says a pilot removed from a flight to mexico passed an alcohol test. a flight attendant raised questions about whether a pilot of a flight from dallas, texas was drinking. the flight was delayed for more than four hours. but the airline brought in a new pilot. faa rules prohibit pilots from consuming alcohol within eight hours of a flight. if you think traffic is bad here, and it can be, take a look at china. a traffic accident along beijing's tibetan highway has growned to 75 miles long. it has now extended into its third day. congestion is becoming a common correspondence on china's roads. recently, a similar jam lasted nine days. >> that's hard to believe. >> i'd have to abandon my
6:43 pm
vehicle. erica hill has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. tonight, startling video of the man tasered in his own home. is sparking a national debate. just when should police be allowed to use the high-tech weapon? that story on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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big waves in ocean city tonight. will the storm affect our weekend weather? wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. first, meteorologist tim williams is live in the outback, with what we can expect at upon the beach. and a more detailed look at what we can expect tomorrow. >> definitely, the ocean city forecast is the one we can expect to look at. temperatures will get up to 79 degrees. the storm zooms on by. by the early afternoon, you'll start to see some improvement by the evening and into the weekend, saturday, expnd, and monday, it will be a very nice labor day forecast. as far as us, well, for tonight, we're going down to temperatures in the 50s.
6:47 pm
you would never know a storm would go by. we'll get to a daytime high in the low 90s. and overnight lows, getting back down into the 60-degree range, with partly cloudy skies. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. as you mentioned, looks like great weather coming up for the entire labor day weekend. 92. but only 17. 53. feels like fall. saturday, sunday. a little warmer monday. plenty of sunshine. and a little warmer still with sunshine again here on tuesday. denise? >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight. one last tuneup game for the ravens. plus, mark has more from the o's in the ballpark. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, mark is live at the ballpark. something tells me there are a lot of boston fans behind you. >> adam jones aggravated a left shoulder injury. but he is out. felix pie will play. and rimold is on the mound. coming off an outstanding month of august. going 3-0 in august. he'll go september against a red sox team.
6:51 pm
o's hitters are going to face daisuke matsuzaka. you can see it on masn hd. meanwhile, major league baseball is looking into a violent brawl. washington's nigel morgan charged chris volstead after he threw a pitch. ask that ignited a benches clearing fight. as it is, morgan is presently awaiting appeal on a seven-game suspension for a preeftion incident. more suspensions are expected from this episode. let's talk football now. the best part about the preseason in the nfl, the players will tell you is that it eventually ends. and ends for the ravens tonight. as they play the rams. most of the starting players will stay on the sidelines for this one. but there are a few players who for some, still matters. a question for some about the kickers. shane graham is one of the more accurate kickers. it is expected that graham would take the job.
6:52 pm
but billy cundiff just be better. he kicked for the ravens last year. and seems to have a leg up. the coaching staff likes them both. no decision has been made yet. >> they have both done really well. they'll be outstanding nfl kickers this year, without question. it's just a matter of which guy best fits us when the time comes. and honestly, we don't know that right now. >> the competition has been tight. and it's been fun. >> obviously, if you're a competitor. for me, i feel like it's brought out my best. >> one last chance for cundiff and graham, when they kick in st. louis tonight. the games count, beginning monday night, september 13th. see the ravens kick off the regular season against the jits. and you can see it right here on wjz. our special live coverage comes your way that night at 6:30. let's talk tennis. there's a rising star at the u.s. open. and she is from ellicott city.
6:53 pm
18-year-old beatrice capra, playing in her first grand slam event. and making her mark as a wild card entry. she pulled off hir second straight up -- her second straight upset. match point. when rozay hits into the net. capra ranks 371st in the world. and she's the youngest remaining player still at the u.s. open. >> it's all amazing. just being in that arena. and being able to play in front of that many people. it's just unreal. and i'm so excited i was able to get through today. >> reporter: now, cap ra attended mcdonogh school in baltimore before she moved to florida where she now trains. she could face maria sharapova saturday. ain years old. -- 18 years old. she said she is getting a lot of text message congratulations that she is making her mark. ravens taking on the rams. highlights at 11:00.
6:54 pm
>> thank you, mark. lthe football season, as you heard from mark, is just around the corner. sign up now for wjz's pro football challenge. log onto you can pick games each week and match up against our team of experts. you could even win a prize. it's only on just go to the home page and sign up. >> we wanted to make it. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss tonight's priesm time lineup tonight at 10:00. the mentalist. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. right here on wjz 13. a seasoned veteran in mont
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montebello, california. retiring. val, the older dog is hanging up his leash after 11 years of service. >> wow. >> he's played a big part in many relief efforts. val's apprentice will be relieving his mentor in october. just call them the bathroom baristas. it's a company called sweet relief, trying to put upgraded rest rooms at road side gas stations and convenience stores across the nation. for $5, travelers get a hotel- style key and get to use the bathroom for as long as it takes to finish the business. the owner says he likes to think of his business as the starbucks the bathrooms. >> i'd say pay it -- i'd pay it. would you? for bob and mark, i'm vic carter. thanks for watching wjz. don't go away.
6:59 pm
>> couric: tonight, hurricane earl-- big, powerful, and moving closer to the east coast where they are stocking up, boarding up, and moving out from the carolinas to canada. i'm erica hill. also tonight, a scare in the gulf. after an oil platform explodes in flames, forcing the crew into the water. the dramatic video that's raising new questions about police using taser guns. >> stop resisting! stop resisting! >> and a group of young people who have made happiness contagious. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> good evening. katie is off. much of the east coast is on alert tonight for hurricane earl. as many as 26 million people could soon be feeling its

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